Michael Jackson Tribute – Jay Styles

Jay Styles as King of Pop
Michael Jackson Tribute: Jay Styles

“Michael Jackson Tribute by Jay Styles
An incredible Michael Jackson Tribute artist lookalike, sound alike and dance alike. Unlike most tribute acts out there, Jay Styles has a close resemblance to the king of pop.

Jay Styles Michael Jackson tribute sings 100% live and performs mesmerizing dance routines from Thriller to Smooth Criminal. His performance has been seen by the Jackson family and he has moon walked his way throughout the World – including Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, UK Bahrain and Dubai.

Join us on this event driven night, for drink on arrival optional food and essential entertainment at The Bierkeller Broad St”

Jay Styles Michael Jackson Dates
Wed 29 Aug 2018 at Birmingham Bierkeller, Birmingham
Watch Jay Styles as the King of Pop Michael Jackson