Ring Wars 3 FightDen Birmingham H Suite

Fightden in association with Blood Sweat and Tears promotions held there first show of 2018 “Ring Wars 3” at the H-Suite Edgbaston with a undercard of 11 fights consisting of 3 X 2 minute rounds  

Richard Young v Ryan Catright
Clayton Fox v Scott Rigby
Ibby “The Black McGregor” v Ibby Virgo
Michael Sweeny v Tom Gilder
Dave Trimmins v Ben Harry
Zhinco Singh v Michi Tanner
Jamie Long v Dan Yates
Jagdeep Puphitis v Conner Catright
Josh Hodgins v Michael Fitzpatrick
Jason Puphitis v Josh Latimer
Lincoln McLean v Joe Mogg
Dexter Hastings v Neil Rigby