FLUK19-Championship Boxing by FrontLine Combat

FLUK19 Championship boxing from frontline productions supported by Limitless Benefits Ring Girls

Battlefield Damage Assessment complete from yet another ground breaking Fight League UK event – FLUK19, Friday 16 March 2018..

The ‘Beast from the East’ pushed our original D Day back slightly, in true Frontline Combat Inc. and Matharu’s Group fashion; safety came first #greedlast..

53 units of twelve and our proud sponsors/partners #jiltedroyalty #hammondhygiene #formfabs #midlandlangarseva #foundrygym #samwraps #limitlessbenefits & brother group #TST at ringside saw the UK’s finest lock horns again at the infamous Supreme Suite, West Bromwich..

PSB for the exclusive Sherlock Productions footage of the penultimate episode in the Fight League UK series.

Tony Deakin vs Ash Smith

Taylor Greig vs Tom Rowlinson – FLUK Middlweight Regional Title

Shaun Williams vs Eric Sutton – FLUK Cruiserweight Title

Ryan Hibbert vs Steve Farmer – FLUK Cruiserweight Regional Title

Kev Barker vs Ash Whitehouse

Jay Carlos vs Lee Ellis

Isaac Gibbs vs AJ Chakraman

Gareth Van Hoof vs Nathan Jennings – Vacant FLUK Super Middleweight Title

Archie Storrier vs Clayton Artwell

Often imitated, even by name.. often copied, even by on site espionage, however, never rivalled – the original, the elite.. the #inimitable